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Please enjoy these fun photos
we have collected over the years of our dogs.

"Chows Just Wanna Have Fun!"


"Wonder what the postage will be on me?"

"Now that i have the ball, i better run."

"What is that?"

"Now how can i get that ball from him?"

"Oh no!! Mom is here now!!"

"Tackle anyone?"

"So pretty in pink."

"I am so darn cute."

"I think santa is coming."

"Hey you with the camera, over here."

"Oh no!! What a boy
doesn't do for a cookie"

"I suppose i have to take
my own self for a walk."

"I am the perfect christmas decoration."

"Push mom push"

"See mom, i am ready for
you to take the picture."

"Wow, you make a nice pillow"

"Mom, hold still, i am trying to see out the window"

"Best Buddies!"

"Nap time!"

"Waiting on a bite. One has to come soon."

"Come on, lets go already"

"Hey this is much easier than using a shovel"

"Oh wow was that fun, can't do that in FL"

"I love belly rubs"

"A Boy has to make sure all the food is off these plate's before turning this thing on"

"Did someone say it was nap time"

"Sheri stealing Purple kisses from Casey"

"Snuggling with Mom"

"I am going to get that bird"

"yummy this is worth getting another year older"

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